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160 Calories. 20g Protein.

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Rational Foods is closing the gap between obesity management and healthy eating. We are providing a convenient, flavorful, organic real food option to patients undergoing supervised weight loss care. Our mission is to help people make smart decisions for a healthier life. 


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Valerie Brookbank, RD, LDRegistered Dietitian/Nutritionist UC Health Weight Loss Center

Benefits of small meals – better digestion of nutrients, hunger management, better food choices. As a registered dietitian I am always looking for healthy options for my bariatric patients. Rational Food's new organic, real food pouches check all the boxes. Achieve provides a complete portable meal replacement option. It does not contain junk – additives that people can’t even pronounce. It supplies 20 grams of protein in a small serving – appropriate for bariatric patients. Best of all it tastes good! I am very excited to offer this to my patients. Thanks Rational Foods!


Emily JonesAchiever

I just recently had bariatric surgery and Achieve was my go-to days before my surgery and now after. It's an excellent source of protein and a great option for those that travel like me. It tastes great, and I even added in nutmeg! Can’t wait to try the next flavors coming out soon.


Terry HealeyAchiever

I used to make a protein shake for breakfast, but I was never sure how many calories were actually in each one. Now, I have Achieve for breakfast and it lasts me until lunch. Once that afternoon slump hits, I grab another Achieve and I’m good until dinner. I have lost weight, I’m feeling better and have more energy than I have in years! This has been a big turnaround for me personally. This is something that is stable and can add balance to my life. It’s wonderful! 


Kristin LloydBlogger and Author, Bariatric Mindset, Success & Mindset Coach, Psychotherapist/PhD Candidate

As a five-year post-op bariatric patient, I loved the idea of Achieve even before I tasted it. This is a delicious, real food, high-protein meal replacement alternative for those who, like myself, are focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s so easy for me to grab an Achieve pouch in the morning for a quick lunch or snack in the afternoon. I love that it packs 20g of protein and gives me the appropriate macros needed to keep me on track and full when I’m having a crazy day. I also love that it’s not overly sweet, has a consistent texture, and doesn’t need refrigeration. While I do love Achieve fresh out of the fridge, it’s great that I can keep Achieve in my pantry and replenish it as needed. It’s definitely a product I’ve incorporated into my post-op lifestyle and weekly routine!