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5 New Bariatric Food Trends You Need to Know About in 2018

5 New Bariatric Food Trends You Need to Know About in 2018

October 30, 2018

After bariatric weight loss surgery, proper food choices are very important. The goal is to continue losing weight, which means patients need to eat small amounts of foods, choose the right foods, and ensure the body gets the nutrition it needs.

Once they’re through the first few weeks of consuming liquids and soft foods only, it’s time to establish healthy eating habits that last for life. To support bariatric patients, more companies are beginning to offer new, exciting options that make weight loss, weight maintenance, and good nutrition easier.

When working to help patients establish healthy eating habits, consider some of the new bariatric food trends for 2018 that can take patient results to the next level.

1. Going Organic

Since patients are limited in the amount of food they put into their bodies, it’s important to make sure everything they eat offers benefits. The stomach can be sensitive after surgery, and the last thing patients need is foods that have pesticides or preservatives. Nutrition is also important, and everything the patient eats should offer a high concentration of nutrients.

For this reason, organic bariatric foods are becoming a new trend, since according to the Mayo Clinic, organic foods offer more beneficial nutrients without the preservatives and chemicals. From encouraging patients to buy organic meats and produce to helping them to find organic bariatric prepared foods, going organic is a new trend that offers many benefits to patients who have gone through bariatric surgery.

2. Food Accountability – There’s an App for That

Keeping patients accountable for what they eat is important after bariatric surgery. notes the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. It’s often easy for patients to go back to old eating habits, which can result in weight gain. Today, the idea of food journals and technology come together in the form of helpful apps.

A new trend for bariatric patients is to use apps to track their eating habits that can be synced up with their doctor or nutritionist for accountability. It’s easy for patients to quick tracking after several days, but you can use this new trend to keep your patients accountable.

Set up supplement and vitamin reminders, offer access to recipes that are bariatric friendly, check in on what patients are eating, and easily make recommendations to patients based on their data. It’s a new approach to eating and food accountability that can help patients enjoy greater success.

3. Going Beyond the Protein Shake

It’s generally recommended that patients get between 60-80 grams of protein each day. Protein shakes have long been a popular choice for bariatric patients, since protein intake is important and shakes are convenient and easy to digest.

However, it’s easy for patients to get bored with these shakes. Protein-rich foods for bariatric patients are now going beyond the protein shake, with new foods coming available that are already prepared, protein-rich, and a full meal instead of just a shake.

4. Healthy Eats Not Treats

Too many food products for bariatric patients are more like treats, such as sweet bars and sweetened protein shakes. This encourages cravings for sweets and allows patients to think it’s okay to just grab treats instead of focusing on healthy meals that provide the nutrients their body needs.

Unfortunately, eating refined sugars can increase the risk of dumping syndrome post-surgery. Eating for long term weight loss and maintenance involves developing health eating habits, and new companies are beginning to provide bariatric food choices that are complete healthy meals instead of bars and shakes that taste like a treat.

5. Food as More Than Fuel

For too long, bariatric patients have been encouraged to just look at food as fuel, but the truth is that patients should be able to enjoy the foods they eat after bariatric surgery. It’s important to encourage patients to eat foods that do fuel their bodies, but along with nourishing the body, encourage patients to choose delicious foods that they enjoy eating. The new trend in bariatric foods is to create options for patients that nourish the body while tasting great, and it’s easier to stick to a healthy diet when patients have healthy and delicious options available to them.

Bariatric surgery doesn’t offer a lifelong cure to obesity, so it’s important that patients are taught healthy eating habits post-surgery to help them enjoy long-term weight loss and healthy results. New trends in bariatric food are offering more options to these patients, and incorporating these trends into your patients’ lives can increase their quality of life and their chance of long-term success.