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Understanding the Value of Convenience Foods for Bariatric Patients

Understanding the Value of Convenience Foods for Bariatric Patients

October 30, 2018

We can provide bariatric patients with all of the information in the world about nutrition, weight loss, and wellness, but at the end of the day, whether they follow it largely depends on something else: Whether or not it’s convenient for them.

Here’s a closer look at the convenience imperative, along with one bariatric weight loss product that offers a winning combination of nutrition, taste, and convenience.

Why Convenience Matters

“Convenience and taste are the two greatest determinants of food choice. Most healthy foods are less convenient than their unhealthy counterparts. However, there is reason to suspect that an environmental change such as making healthier foods more convenient would cause an individual to select and eat more healthy foods,” says research published in The Journal of Public Health based on a study of high school students.

Specifically, the research determined that students who were presented with healthy convenient options were more likely to change their eating behavior for the better. At the same time, the amount of unhealthy foods consumed by participants dropped by 20 percent.

The conclusion, according to researchers: “Clearly, making healthy foods more convenient constitutes an effective way of getting children to choose more healthy foods and decrease their consumption of the less healthy options.”

And this phenomenon isn’t limited to children. Other findings published in the journal Public Health Nutrition looked at the link between the number of neighborhood stores that sell foods that are high in refined carbs and sugar (think fast food restaurants and “convenience” stores) and an increased risk of diabetes and obesity among customers.

In other words, the availability and proximity of unhealthy foods like soda, chips, pastries and candy directly correlate with unhealthy choices and the health risks that accompany them.

Research published in the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, meanwhile, set out to evaluate the efficacy of two different interventions: providing calorie information to consumers and making healthy meal choices “marginally more convenient.”

Not only did scientists determine that both methods acted as a nudge in the right direction, but also that they complement each other in terms of promoting better decision-making related to healthy choices.

A Different Kind of “Convenience Food”

When we talk about “convenience food,” we’re talking about pre-prepared meals and snacks that require limited cooking and preparation by the consumer. Unfortunately, while these grab-and-go options may be convenient in terms of access (hence, their name), they’re anything but convenient from a health perspective. In many cases, it is exactly these convenience foods that have led to obesity in the first place.

Meanwhile, even packaged weight loss products marketed as healthy often fall far short across key measures like taste and nutrition. (If you’ve ever had a chalky-tasting weight loss shake or sugary “health bar,” you know exactly what we’re talking about.)

But what if we told you there was a different kind of convenience food out there — one that is not only convenient, but also bariatric-friendly? We’re talking about Achieve from Rational Foods.

When we set out to make convenience foods for bariatric patients, we were inspired by the possibility of offering real, wholesome and delicious meals to weight loss patients with unprecedented ease and accessibility. Our ultimate goal: To make bariatric products that could actually “help people eat rationally.”

After determining that a real need existed for such an option, our team worked diligently to create the perfect bariatric meal replacement option, and Achieve was born. Packed with nutrition, including 20 grams of protein, Achieve offers a truly nourishing real food option in the convenience of a pouch — all for just 160 calories.

When convenience is the overwhelming imperative, Achieve offers exciting possibilities for registered dietitians who are looking not only to provide information to their bariatric patients, but also to facilitate each patient’s ability to apply that information in a way that best helps them achieve their weight loss goals.